Major Factors Affecting the Powder Sensitivity

2015-09-08 11:45
There are many factors that could affect the powder sensitivity. In order to make sure and enhance the management of fireworks material and powder in safety production, there is always important for the Practitioners to take note for the factory may affect the powder sensitivity.

1.Thermal Effect
The Heat input energy of reducing agent is one important factor. The sensitivity of fireworks powder will always increase by the increase of the combustion heat of the reducing agent.

2.Oxidizing Agent
The faster the speed of Oxygen release rate of a oxidizing agent, the more sensitive the powder will be. 

3.Crushing Degree & Homogeneity Degree
The smaller and even the powder is crashed and mixed, the sensitive of the powder will be higher. That is because the contact area bigger, the condition for burning is better. So is the sensitivity of powder.  

4.  The Influence of Impurity
The impurity involved in the powder will affect the sensitivity of powder too. Normal speaking, if Fast decomposition of impurities was mixed in Decomposition oxidation agent, the degree of sensitivity of powder will be increase. Also, the less of invalid powder exist in the powder, the sensitivity lower.